Female Employees Now Have the Ability to Fight Against Wage Discrimination: The California Fair Pay Act

In January of 2016, the new Fair Pay Act in California went into effect.  This law provides for women who are paid less for work similarly performed by their male equivalents for more money to go after their employers for the gender discrimination.  If you are a woman in California paid less than a man […]

Class Action: Liang v. BevMo!

CALIFORNIA CONSUMER FILES CLASS ACTION AGAINST WINE RETAILER BEVMO! FOR DECEPTIVE “BAIT AND SWITCH” BUSINESS PRACTICE The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky filed a lawsuit on behalf of BevMo! shopper Stephanie Liang and a class of all similar BevMo! consumers against BevMo! (aka Beverages and More), one of the largest wine retailers in California, in […]